Europe - India map
Travel plan 2009: Europe – India

3rd March 2009

After twenty years of travelling on all continents I recognized that there are only a few destinations where you still have the chance for a warm and hospitable treat by local people. Meaning that you’re not only an object to pull tourist dollars from it (after my own experience in eastern Turkey I expect the same feeling in Iran and Northern Pakistan. I know that India is totally different – far away from that).

For a few years I have had a big wish, to travel overland from Europe to India, with all the countries in between (Turkey, Syria, Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Pakistan). India will only be a final destination for turning back home. Such a journey requires at least two or three months, what is considered to be a great luxury in the west (full-time job with two to three weeks of holidays). So you have to make up your mind and realize a wish. I decided to take a “gap year” and hope that this year my Europe – India overland journey will become reality.

The plan is as follows:

- departure in second half of June 2009 (around 20th June),

- drive through the Balkans, Turkey, a few days in Syria, then Iran till Tehran (2 weeks),

- Iran from Tehran, Pakistan till Islamabad (3 – 4 weeks),

- Northern Pakistan (Karakoram Highway), India (Ladakh, Kashmir) till Delhi (4 weeks),

- India (NW part, Rajastan, Agra) (2 weeks),

- back towards West: Pakistan, Iran till Tehran (3 weeks),

- back home from Tehran through Armenia, Georgia and Turkey (2 weeks),

- return to Slovenia in the middle of October 2009;

I will travel with my own Toyota Land Cruiser in accompaniment of my family (Petra, Vasja, Aljosa) and some friends who are seeking after spiritual growth …

This website will be updated mostly in Slovenian language – sorry. Now you can find some of my past journeys: Soviet Union and China on Transsiberian, Australia & New Zealand, Kilimanjaro – Tanzania, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Turkey – Ararat, South America (in spite of the fact that you don’t understand Slovene, you can look at some photos).

But for all my friends who don’t understand Slovene, I will also update some words in English to share my experience “from the road”.